Vision Panel

Built For Leadership Teams

Aligning your leadership team is the biggest single value opportunity available to you. Whether you team is reasonably effective or more dysfunctional, it could work much better. What you may not know is just how much more effective your results could be.

Working With the Vision Panel

Brings teams together and allows for diverse ideas to be heard and used.

It builds ownership for implementation and promotes team problem-solving and resourcefulness.

This experience builds confidence and trust among  team members, and inspires extraordinary performance.

Vision Panel

The Vision Panel gives structure to a team’s discussion about the future and how to get there. It allows a Leadership Team to take risks and build mutual trust and respect.

You Decide The Future

Aligning your team is the best opportunity you have to shape the future and build real value from your leadership.

10 Steps For Improving Leadership Alignment

  1. Discover the core values of your leadership team
  2. Identify “why” this team exists
  3. Dream big about the future this team will create
  4. Set a Mount Everest sized goal to inspire innovation
  5. Describe the feedback expected from the market
  6. Describe the feedback expected from the wider team
  7. Define the strategies that will deliver this feedback
  8. Take stock of current and required resources
  9. Build unique capabilities from these resources
  10. Execute, learn and review the Vision Panel

Session 1

Learn the model

Session 3

Map out feedback and strategy.

Session 2

Core values and purpose
Vivid future and inspiring goal.

Session 4

Consolidation and release to the entire team.

Complete In 4 Sessions

Preparation is key to each workshop. Teams will work together in order to develop elements created in the first session. Then, more teamwork is done to deepen understanding and authenticity.

MGL is very customer-centric with a clearly defined process that does not end. MGL does not show up and conduct a training. I feel like the entire MGL team has a vested interest in my personal development and that of our company, and really want to see both develop successfully.

Mike Palm

VP, Marketing and Sales Auto Industry