Let’s start a Vision Revolution

Visioning is the result of examining the obstacles and problems that stand in your way and studying human nature and economics to see what it will take to turn your dream into a reality. Leaders don’t dwell on the joy of endless possibilities as dreamers do, leaders make bets and start the process of learning how to make their dream, their vision, a reality.



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Make the right choice

Many meetings are designed to use a workgroup because of the structure used the outputs required.  Choosing to work in this fashion is a perfectly acceptable approach to executive leadership.  Individual leader structures are fast and efficient and work well when one person really does understand what is needed.


Complex issues where the answer is not an extension of business as usual, they are opportunities for teamwork.  These opportunities include business turn-a-rounds, vision building, new business model creation, value proposition design, new product strategies, integrating acquisitions, market disruption, and innovation projects.