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How to make money from poor leadership

Let me tell you a story about one of our clients.  Imagine a small bespectacled gentleman, about 5’6 tall, neatly dressed in a grey linen suit, with a style that pushes your mind to think of the Italian riviera. You are looking at Paulo, a humble quiet human being who, at heart, is a craftsman

Getting the best from your leadership team

High-performance leadership teams are extremely rare. MGL has worked in the arena of leadership development on every continent (except Antarctica) across 20 years. We have come to realise that building a high-performance leadership team is hard. In our experience, rogue elements continue to break-through, and simple mistakes generate unexpected outcomes that take time and energy

4 reasons why meetings should start and finish with rituals

The Power of Rituals You may think that your Vision, meticulously built over time, will shape the future of your company but you would be wrong.  Your daily habits are shaping your future, and have a far more significant influence than you might expect. A vision is a potent leadership tool that will help you,

It’s never too late to follow your dreams

2020 is slipping away Is this year going the way you wanted it? Big changes are happening, for sure. Some have left some people worried and others far worst off. These big changes will affect all our lives slowly with a very long tail. The changes that matter most and that are more meaningful are

Why today’s disruption demands great leadership

Organizations need leaders who will use the changes created by the pandemic, to challenge the status quo and look for new value because we are not going back to business-as-usual. Disruptions are very much part of the 21st-century competitive landscape, its time to blow up assumptions about teamwork, working practices, and creating meaningful work. Stop

Enabling Strategic Execution

Why have a vision? We all possess the ability to create pictures in our minds, some of us more so than others, but generally we all talk about what we see in our minds. Vision is a powerful tool that has shaped great civilizations, built industrial leviathans and produced awe-inspiring art. Often these accomplishments come

The courage to change

As an entrepreneur, I have started five businesses. I love the thrill of getting an idea up and running. The first customer meeting, the first town hall, and the first big celebration are moments that stoke the fire in your belly and push you on to win again. I learned that endless meeting and problem-solving

Word of the year 2019

Having coached executives for 20 years the word that I connect most with the success I have seen in the best is discipline. This is why I am making DISCIPLINE my word of the year for 2019. Each letter offers you leadership advice… D: Decide what you are going to create and build a vivid vision.