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Overcome the complexity of forming a high-performance-team

Team’s talk Research shows us that management teams are rarely performing as high-performance teams, and are often experienced as ineffective and unproductive by the team members. Frankly, we don’t need research to prove this; we all talk to colleagues and friends who complain about the way their management team works. They all describe issues of

Enabling Strategic Execution

Why have a vision? We all possess the ability to create pictures in our minds, some of us more so than others, but generally we all talk about what we see in our minds. Vision is a powerful tool that has shaped great civilizations, built industrial leviathans and produced awe-inspiring art. Often these accomplishments come

Become a Catalyst

Great Leadership is the Catalyst for Success Many gifted people get lost inside companies, because the conversations with their leader do not allow them to develop a mindset that genuinely loves a challenge; when leaders learn to be the Catalyst gifted people bubble over with energy and strive to reach their potential and do their

What is the biggest LEADERSHIP challenge great leaders face head on?

Getting past thinking “I AM RIGHT!” When we guess something, we generally believe we are right, or at least, almost right. The more familiar the content set or scenario is, the stronger this feeling becomes. This assumption is not rational; however, we can quickly generate a logical argument to support our hypotheses and position our

The courage to change

As an entrepreneur, I have started five businesses. I love the thrill of getting an idea up and running. The first customer meeting, the first town hall, and the first big celebration are moments that stoke the fire in your belly and push you on to win again. I learned that endless meeting and problem-solving

How to build a leadership team in​ 90 days

The first step is to have a plan; sounds simple? Of course, any decent manager will have a plan usually consisting of early wins, delivering functional goals and proving that they were the right choice. Great leaders understand they are in it for the long haul and building a team requires the same due diligence as delivering

Word of the year 2019

Having coached executives for 20 years the word that I connect most with the success I have seen in the best is discipline. This is why I am making DISCIPLINE my word of the year for 2019. Each letter offers you leadership advice… D: Decide what you are going to create and build a vivid vision.

Re-Engineering Elephants

The most significant engineering challenge we each face is self-engineering.  Changing our behaviour is critically important if we want to continue to be successful; What Got You Here Won’t Get You There is not only the title of a book written by Marshall Goldsmith‎, it is also an immutable truth for all of us. Confronting

What Colour are YOU?

Values act as a lens through which we interpret the world, and if you are a leader, they interpret how you judge those you lead.    Your values will influence your decisions about people; who you promote and the kinds of activities you believe are worthy of your time. Despite this importance, few leaders choose

What Makes you a Great Leader?

What is leadership? Do a search and you will find endless definitions, but we think it is simple. Being a great leader is the ability to motivate yourself and others. However, you cannot be a great leader on your own. Napoleon’s leadership crystalised into using the best talent available. Until the French Revolution the aristos were