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If you're a senior manager, an entrepreneur, or want to join the C-suite, Breakthrough is the missing piece that will tie your career experience together with your leaders' aspirations.

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You want to perform fulfilling, financially rewarding work that leverages timeless skills and solves business problems to make the world a better place. We're here to help. Breakthrough was designed to help senior managers and entrepreneurs.

To date, we have helped over 5,000 leaders take their leadership and careers to the next level.

How do you improve your leadership?

There are major challenges facing leaders who seek to shape organizations. New problems require new models of leadership which means leaders need to constantly adjust to remain relevant and effective. Leaders also need to have a raft of strategies to lead in an agile environment and remain authentic and true to their values.

What will you gain from this process?

  • Clarity about your values and leadership style, and knowing how to use your strengths to build a leadership culture around you.
  • Tools and strategies that allow you to implement a leadership development plan in order to improve the performance of your management team.
  • Support from a highly experienced leadership coach enabling continued growth by putting your ideas into action and challenging you to explore new solutions to old problems.

A personal approach

Breakthrough is a development program designed to challenge and push you to question your behaviors, motivations and beliefs. We take a professional approach to how we support you. We ask you to publish your career goals and identify the challenges you want to overcome.

Your personal coach will use this information to help you create a plan to succeed, and push you to try harder.

Following the workshop phase, there will be an opportunity to reflect and learn from your past actions allowing you to gain in-depth insights into your personal leadership philosophies. You’ll use this knowledge to make small adjustments that create tremendous value for you and your team.

Building your story

The organization that you are trying to shape and influence is shaping and influencing you. Understanding this dynamic will allow you to be a more effective leader. The implementation of tools and strategies combined with coaching will enable you to develop a robust approach to leadership.

Your story will develop over time as you use leadership tools to shape the future you want, and achieve the success you deserve.

The program has had a dramatic effect on how I operate managing a large team. I also found the program workbook and questioning technique really useful to help my team analyze their own barriers, challenges and goals, and to re-assess how they see things.

Rashed Al Khanjari

CEO, Design Studio

Breakthrough 2020

Breakthrough Timeline





Sign on and complete coaching kick-off.
Execute the MGL open 360°.
Set your development goals.



Introduction to MGL models.
Translate your goals into a leadership development plan using the tools and experiences from the workshop.


Phase 1

Implement your leadership plan.
Learn how to leverage your unique style.
One-on-one coaching and mentoring.
Real world application of learning.


Phase 2

Peer-learning web meetings-learning from others.
Receive support and feedback.
Mentoring from industry leader.
Get challenged from specialist leadership coach.
Get results from transformed behavior.





Share your successes with the group.
Receive feedback and support.
Continue your development process.

Tim Taylor
Program Leader

Christopher Hughes
Program Leader

Lyle English
Lead Coach

Kostas Papageorgiou

Mark Nodder
C level Mentor

John Olert
C level Mentor

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction to the MGL leadership system, showing the core skills and interdependencies of great leadership.
  • You will examine your leadership challenges and the triggers that impact your performance and develop strategies to improve your success.
  • Learn tools and processes for building a winning culture. It is a leader’s role to build a culture that embraces performance, by harnessing the full potential of people enabling them to become more effective and results driven.
  • Creating a shared vision is a critical strategy for aligning your management team and harnessing their ideas and ambitions. A vision built with your team has the power to transcend individual self-interests, and is a platform for problem-solving, decision making and communication. You will learn to use a Vision Panel© to develop a shared vision and identify the critical problems that will be solved as your plan becomes a reality.
  • Learning how to transform your management team into a problem-solving engine will give you back time and give you the space you need to influence a wider stakeholder group. Research shows us that management teams rarely perform as a high-performance team as judged by team members. The secret to changing this outcome is adopting a process that harnesses their diversity and structures problem-solving and decision making
  • Each major decision or problem has a unique set of stakeholders, mapping the stakeholders needed for change will improve your ability to influence decisions.
  • Influencing is a core leadership skill. Developing your influencing skills helps you to communicate your vision and goals, align the efforts of others, and build commitment from people at all levels. You will get feedback about your current communication pattern and learn a method for changing your effectiveness.
  • Coaching leadership mindsets will improve performance. Coaching brings out the best in individuals and teams. You will learn how to use mindset coaching to empower your team members and help them become more resourceful and self-aware.
  • Understanding your value as a leader is key to your future success because, at some point, you will stop being paid for what you know, and start being paid for the value you create. You will learn a method for evaluating where you spend time and energy to maximise your focus and ensure it always aligns with your vision.
  • Breakthrough is not a workshop; it’s a transformation process. Greatness is a choice that starts when you arrive back in your office, either go back to BAU or, start implementing your leadership plan. We know this is a truly enormous challenge; this is why we have built-in leadership coaching as part of the process. Your coach will help you implement your plan and give you advice and support based on years of experience helping others faced with the same choice. BAU is easy. Greatness is your choice to make.

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