Blog, what makes a great leader? I've been working in leadership development for over 20 years, in that time I've
  Culture must be more than skin deep Company culture and cultural fit have a significant impact on our productivity, our willingness to
Without the execution of a strategy, ideas are just thoughts with potential value.  The holy grail for all leadership teams
Leadership is about setting a direction. It’s about creating a vision, empowering and inspiring people to want to achieve the
People who can change the game are as rare as hens teeth!  They possess unique qualities that are a mixture
Let me tell you a story about one of our clients.  Imagine a small bespectacled gentleman, about 5’6 tall, neatly
High-performance leadership teams are extremely rare. MGL has worked in the arena of leadership development on every continent (except Antarctica)
The Power of Rituals You may think that your Vision, meticulously built over time, will shape the future of your
Flying Blind: How to save the day? Let's start with a story. Imagine the scene, bad weather, unreliable flight instruments, and
2020 is slipping away Is this year going the way you wanted it? Big changes are happening, for sure. Some
Organizations need leaders who will use the changes created by the pandemic, to challenge the status quo and look for
We now appreciate how fragile the world economic structure is, a virus shows up, and like the movie plot for
Team's talk Research shows us that management teams are rarely performing as high-performance teams, and are often experienced as ineffective
Why have a vision? We all possess the ability to create pictures in our minds, some of us more so
Great Leadership is the Catalyst for Success Many gifted people get lost inside companies, because the conversations with their leader
Getting past thinking "I AM RIGHT!" When we guess something, we generally believe we are right, or at least, almost
As an entrepreneur, I have started five businesses. I love the thrill of getting an idea up and running. The
The first step is to have a plan; sounds simple? Of course, any decent manager will have a plan usually consisting of
Having coached executives for 20 years the word that I connect most with the success I have seen in the

We have made tremendous progress that I believe would not have been possible without Tim's presence.

Eleanor O'Neil

Chief Customer Officer