A simple online tool can improve your team’s performance

Did you know research shows that management teams are rarely performing as high-performance teams, and are often experienced as ineffective and unproductive by the team members?

Do you know why?

Common to all ineffective management teams are unchecked assumptions about creating a high-performance team.

  • The first, and most basic, is the assumption that teams form naturally, that storming, norming, forming, etc., are inevitable steps in a team’s evolution that simply happens over time.

Here is a newsflash! Tuckman was wrong. The theory, published back in 65′, was a step towards understanding groups, but 50 years on we know so much more about effective teams that it is time for you to retire this mantra.

  • The second assumption is the notion that each team member can decode the value of the other members based on their functional competencies and the habits they exhibit during meetings. This assumption gives rise to much of the misunderstanding and unmet needs that exist in teams, left unchallenged it erodes trust and causes the formation of sub-groups or cliques.
  • The third common assumption is that the reason the team exists is self-evident. This assumption is why so many senior managers and CEOs complain about alignment and talk about the challenges of getting everyone on the same page. Teams do form around a common purpose or goal or vision, however they need time and a platform to develop their shared understanding of the purpose of their team.

So how can an online tool help?

A DUET is the smallest team we can form. A successful, high performance DUET is perfectly balanced, each member understands their strengths and how they complement their counter-point. They have negotiated their differences to create agreements on how to resolve issues and prevent divisive behaviours that could destroy their collaboration.  Trust in each other, and the freedom speak their minds and call out bad behavior, or challenge the the direction are a the heart of the DUET’s capability to produce awe inspiring harmony.

Use DUET to start a process that will transform your team

Values act as a lens through which we interpret the world. DUET will give you and your team members insights into how values influence decisions. Learning how values shape leadership and performance is essential self-awareness. Values sit in the background, unannounced, unseen, making judgements and colouring our worldview.

Understanding values; yours and those of your team members, is the first step in the creation of a highly successful leadership team.

Get started, complete DUET and begin exploring the values held by everyone on your team, by asking:

  • What words describe your values?
  • What beliefs are linked to these words? and
  • What behaviours do you think make you successful?

Once you have discovered your values, and have helped your team members do the same, you will notice a change in how members appreciate each other. They will bond around shared values, and this will improve trust and enable them to talk through and understand their differences. Looking at problems through different lenses gives the team a more holistic understanding of complex issues and leads to better solutions.

When a leadership team can leverage differences between their values new possibilities for innovation open up and transforms the team’s potential.

Please, use this tool and improve the culture inside your team; everyone deserves more success and a better place to work.

If you need help interpreting your teams results, email me at tim@makainggreatleaders.com, I promise not to sell you anything, I will just offer you help.

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