The timing is perfect.

As restrictions relax, and the global challenges of the post-Covid world begin to materialize, you have a unique opportunity to kick start your company’s growth before the competition starts theirs.

Identifying which people will thrive working remotely and which will need the social experience of being in the office is critical to your culture’s success. Many people will expect to have a “blended” work experience which adds to the leadership challenges managers already faced pre-Covid.

For these reasons, we encourage C-teams, OD professionals, and senior managers to create a strategically important workstream to find the ideal solution for their organization.


Research studies from Harvard, MIT Sloan, Cornell and Stanford are showing mixed and conflicting data sets. What is common across the studies, managers are uncertain how to respond effectively to the new “remote-in-office blend” heading their way.



Why engage with MGL?

We are experts in working with C-teams, managers and team members to identify challenges around culture and performance, such as described above while providing implementable solutions.  We have spent 15 years developing our protocol and tool kit and continually refining it for the complexities of today’s business realities.  We have learned what works exceptionally well for fast-growing companies who need to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and competition.

Each development partnership begins by implementing our design thinking methodology for leadership.  The process engages all stakeholders in identifying the internal barriers that block a successful growth culture.  We enable teams to analyze, evaluate, and define how to create a more effective process that is innovative and aligns with the strategies of their clients.

We then create a roadmap for a live implementation process.  This is not a training program that abandons managers and team members to figure things out on their own.  Our consultants and coaches work with team members to implement the new skills, models, and culture; this enables our clients to problem-solve and evolve the process in real-time.  Lasting change is achieved by implementing the custom solutions live in the workplace every day.

This style of engagement creates a custom development program designed around hybrid learning (when a coach/consultant remains involved) using our protocol and tool kit.  You can choose to implement the road map yourself, or you can engage us to roll it out for you.


Ready to take the next step?

If you are prepared to expand your competitive advantage and realize an exponential return on investment in your talent pool, please connect with us.


If you are interested in learning more about MGL or how to implement any of our models with your team, please contact or call +1 203 253 2836.