Become a Catalyst

Great Leadership is the Catalyst for Success

Many gifted people get lost inside companies, because the conversations with their leader do not allow them to develop a mindset that genuinely loves a challenge; when leaders learn to be the Catalyst gifted people bubble over with energy and strive to reach their potential and do their best work.

It all starts with Mindset

Mindsets affect the benefits you derive from work and life.  Understanding your patterns will help you grow, become more resilient and overcome difficult challenges in all aspects of your life.  Going Beyond Growth: Learning your mindset pattern is essential to accelerating personal growth, resourcefulness and promoting behaviours that deliver success and satisfaction.  Once you understand how this awareness helped you, coaching others to accelerated growth will be much easier.

The Power of Belief:

When we know that someone believes in our ability to succeed, it triggers our belief systems to search out opportunities to be a success.

  • Belief enables your ability to build your vision;
  • Belief forges your character;
  • Belief lights the path to the resources you need,
  • and Belief fuels your passion and gives you energy when you think your tank is empty.

Ensuring each person on your team knows that you have complete faith that they will succeed sets your team up for success. Optimists make better leaders because they are more open to change and in-put from others, they inspire people by resolutely focusing on finding ways to succeed as opposed to taking the easy way out.


Using Triggers to Improve Performance

Laura J. Kray and Michael P. Haselhuhn conducted an experiment to see if mindset could impact performance in negotiations. They discovered that growth mindsets promote better negotiation performance. The correlation between belief scores and the final grade was statistically significant.

Yo u r  re s p o n s e  t o  t r i g g e r s  d r i v e s  c h a n g e s  i n  y o u r  m i n d s e t .

Imagine you are waiting on a stimulus, it shows up, you think about what has happened, and this produces your response, i.e. the behaviours you exhibit.  In a fixed mindset, your internal thinking is limited by fixed rules, such as your beliefs about your intelligence or your past-experience, so the pattern of behaviour is reactive with limited possibilities.  In a growth mindset, you respond by considering the possibilities that could produce the outcome you want, you will look for success and choose behaviour that you think will get us the results you want.

Growth mindsets produce better decisions, improves learning and produces more success.

 “|if you all ways do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, Wisconsin in 1981. Jessie Potter


Making the right choices

At the heart of every achievement and inspiring success are the choices made by those involved. Successful people don’t complain they didn’t have time, or that resources were hard to find. Instead, they talk about the importance of making choices and learning to make the adjustments necessary to achieve their vision.In their book JUST ENOUGH, Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson, report their observations of truly successful people.

One salient observation; successful people, accept the paradox of shifting targets – they understand that there is never a clear shot to realizing a vision and the need to have the strength to accept that success will instead come from “a multidimensional, continually shifting set of targets.”

Creating permanent value in your life means believing you can have it all. Many people are trapped by the belief that a success in one part of life demands a sacrifice in another, this simply is not true.


Great leadership is the catalyst for success. Developing your awareness about how triggers shape beliefs and behaviour  will allow you to help the most gifted people in your team.  When you turn this knowledge into a skill the conversations people have with you, their leader, will enable them to develop a mindset that genuinely loves a challenge.  When YOU learn to be the Catalyst,  gifted people who work with you will become more engaged, they will bubble over with energy and they will strive to do their best work.




Our mindset dictates our performance.  MGL’s Performance-Life-Cycle® is a tool that builds your awareness of how your mindset shifts, this knowledge will allow to to improve your performance and in turn provide your team with a new level of leadership coaching to change their performance too.

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