Word of the year 2019

Having coached executives for 20 years the word that I connect most with the success I have seen in the best is discipline. This is why I am making DISCIPLINE my word of the year for 2019.

Each letter offers you leadership advice…

D: Decide what you are going to create and build a vivid vision.
I: Invest your time, money and energy in goals that are aligned with your vision.
S: Self belief and Self love are core to your success, tend to these daily.
C: Challenge yourself to do the things that seem impossible; build a culture of achievement.
I: Inspire others; give them the support they need to do great work.
P: People will help you, there is value in your team, connections, customers and suppliers.
L: Learn form every meeting, every question, every challenge and every win.
I: Integrate new ideas and learning into your plans to move ahead.
N: Never give up on yourself, your vision or your team.
E: Enjoy each step in the journey, laugh and take time out to celebrate your life often.

I haven’t had a real job since 1993 and I continue to thrive and grow because I believe in fullness of DISCIPLINE.

I wish you all a happy and very successful 2019; what is your word for 2019?

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