What Makes you a Great Leader?

What is leadership? Do a search and you will find endless definitions, but we think it is simple. Being a great leader is the ability to motivate yourself and others.

However, you cannot be a great leader on your own.

Napoleon’s leadership crystalised into using the best talent available. Until the French Revolution the aristos were keeping all the jobs for themselves, but once the guillotining was done and dusted, the doors were open for anyone who had something to offer. The French legal, education and social systems were founded in his short reign as Emperor.

He had the ability to lead but also the confidence to listen.

Knowing why you want to be a leader is a good place for you to start. So ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I want to lead?
  • How will my life improve if I am a better leader?
  • How will my work improve?
  • How will my home life get better?
  • What are my measurements for success?
  • Who will I be leading?
  • What barriers will I overcome?
  • What parts of my personality do I want to be strengthened?

Leadership involves the practical and the emotional. Being there first, to meetings, to ideas, to innovations. Having empathy and understanding that those that want leadership need to be encouraged rather than bossed in the old fashioned way.

Most of all Leadership comes from being open. The confidence to say “I don’t know – tell me!”, the ability to say “Let’s try that” and the humility to realise “They are better at this task than I am.”

Leading a company, division or team needs the same skills. Your success comes from their success, your confidence grows as theirs does too and your empathy makes them want to do more for you. Once you have got there, you can truly call yourself a Leader.

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