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Why Attend Breakthrough?

Sign up for Breakthrough and get past barriers that are holding you back in your career. A dynamic interactive development programme in London on 10/11/12 October.

At Breakthrough, Tim Taylor will lead you through those three life-changing days. Here's what you will get:

  • Three days of intensive workshop to introduce you to a proven set of leadership tools and strategies that you will want to implement.
  • A challenging but rewarding one-on-one coaching relationship to build on your strengths over the months following the workshop.
  • A small cohort of max 10 people to create a valuable peer learning network.
  • A long-term relationship with Tim as your colleague and mentor.
  • A personalised leadership development process built around your specific needs.

Breakthrough is a hands-on, interactive, personal development experience. You will be investing in a future with potentially the best returns of your career.

Hosted in London you learn from your fellow leaders' experiences and share your own. Tim will facilitate your understanding of how to deliver results, how to be the one selected to join the top team, and how to maximise the output from your career.

You will know if you are ready, Breakthrough will make the difference that will be life-changing. Sign up today.

Meet Tim Taylor

Tim Taylor is an award-winning writer and the creator of the Making Great Leaders handbook. He is the former CEO of Edge International. He has designed development programs for Coca-Cola, Dell, NTL, BT, Thomson Reuters, CAT, and Ammroc.

Tim will lead the three-day leadership experience, but he will also be following up for the next three months. Your investment in yourself will deliver because Tim invests in you.

You will be challenged, engaged and educated, resulting in a long-term relationship with Tim that proves invaluable for those that have become leaders working with him.




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I have worked with Tim over a number of years with many successes.  In 2016 I was bringing together an new team comprised of 5 department heads, each of a very diverse and distinct background and bringing a wide range of age and experience.  Over the course of 12 months Tim coached and facilitated an ongoing discussion which took 5 strong visions and value systems, spanning traditional Customer Support to advanced Digital Marketing, and we were able to transition to a single aligned direction where the vision of each leader contributed to a more powerful overarching goal with the needs of the Customer considered throughout the lifecycle and for every size of customer.  We made tremendous progress that I believe would not have been possible without Tim's presence.
Eleanor O'NeillChief Customer Experience Officer at Workshare
Tim is a first class coach, leader and mentor who inspires performance beyond the norm. It has been a pleasure to work with Tim on the Reuters Advanced Manager Programme and his skills and coaching ability have impacted a great many managers within Reuters. Tim's open, inquisitive approach, energy and enthusiasm, make his courses a joy to attend. He breaks up the days with interesting tasks and does not allow anyone to drift away as you can often find in other courses. Tim is first class in his field, at the top of his game and I have a great deal of trust in him. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to any of my contacts and associates. Thanks, Tim for all you have done.
Christopher Bannocks FCMI MIoDGroup Chief Data Management Officer at ING