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What Is Breakthrough?

Leadership is a much-travelled word. Being a leader is not about learning by rote, it is about freeing up your talent, your creativity, your experience and your personality. It’s about breaking through to the next level in your career. Most great leaders can identify a moment when they made their breakthrough. If you can’t then it hasn’t happened yet.

It is easy in the executive world to become conventional. To think that to be a leader you have to be like your leader. But for the people you lead, change is positive. New ideas, a new tone -  helping them breakthrough by being there for them, giving them clarity, and inspiring the team.

Leadership is about you being better with the skills you have already.

Leadership is also about life. It is not about saying that you work 18 hours a day, and your family don’t know you. It’s not about being so single-minded that you don’t allow new ideas to filter into your mind. Leadership is about making the right decisions that make your life better.

Meet Tim Taylor

About Me

Tim is an award-winning writer and the creator of the Making Great Leaders handbook. He is the former CEO of Edge International. He has designed development programs for Coca-Cola, Dell, NTL, BT, Thomson Reuters, CAT, and Ammroc.

The Premier Exclusive Leadership Program

Challenge yourself personally and professionally. Join our leadership programme and discover how to channel new and existing skills to make you a better leader and help you climb the career ladder.

Life's like a game of chess. It's all about creating and seizing the right opportunities. Making strategical and logical choices are the key to development. Breakthrough is the game changer, helping you skyrocket your career and stand out among your peers and competition!

Leadership involves the practical and the emotional. Being there first, to meetings, to ideas, to innovations. Empathy. Understanding that those that want leadership need to be encouraged.

Become a remarkable leader, instantly and lead with confidence.

Participant Feedback

Working with associates’ day in day out maintains a survival mode scenario, engagement with making great leaders brought initial comradery which transitioned into a business brotherhood which only improved with time.
RogerDublin 2017

6 Reasons Why You Need To Attend

Personalised Delivery & Experience

A place on a course with a maximum of 12 people. Not to sit in a lecture theatre with 150 others.

Developed Around You

A personalised course plan, specifically identifying what you want to get out of your investment.

Learn New & Sharpen Existing Skills

A set of tools that open doors for you to make the most of your abilities and opens your mind to thought leadership.

Continued After Support

Ongoing support from Tim following the course. He regularly has calls with past clients to help them make important decisions and guide them through their careers. His phone or inbox is always open!

Meet Real People, That Matter

Build and discover a network of real and relevant connections, not a list of emails of people that don’t know you.

Reach New Career Heights

A breakthrough as you move forward in your career with greater confidence in yourself and your ability to deliver for your company.

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